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Nela Ticket (2018) South Indian Movies HD

'We are in the midst of the people around us' Mass Masala Entertainer Movie 'Soil Ticket' is going to the audience with Mass Raja Ravi Teja. Kalyan Krishna is the director of Tollywood and the film is about two consecutive hits (Soggatay Chinni Nayana, Randoday celebration). The heroine of Malavika Sharma has been introduced to Tollywood. The film was produced by Ram Thaloori in SRT Entertainment Banner and was released on Friday (May 25) in theaters. Pakka mass commercial films made by Ravi Teja this time he wanted to give a message through his movie. And how much did the land ticket get to the auditors? Let's go to review!

The story:
Hero Ravi Teja (floor ticket) is an orphan. We are in the middle of the circle around people. Everyone wants to be his own. Being an orphan, who will call him or her to do anything for them. He also gets caught up in a few times. Then he goes to Hyderabad with a police officer and goes to Vizag. Home minister Mr. Aditya Bhupathi (Jagapathi Babu) stays with people without knowing it. Aditya Bhupathi (Jagapathi) kills his father Ananda Bhupathi (Sarath Babu) who wants to serve the public immediately after being sworn in as Home Minister. The footage is available to TV reporter Gautami (Cowum). Ministers are trying to kill her. In this order she goes into a coma. What's wrong with Ravi Teja's original home minister? Why does he want to open the Home Minster Like the movie

One orphan wants to kill a man who wants to kill him. Only money is life and lives. Another orphanage is a man who wants to be around and to do something for them. The 'soil ticket' is the conflict between these two. But soon after the film started, the director said that the director was directing the movie "Let's see Raghavendra celebrations". In the first part of the story, Velgunda has just made the scene between Ravi Teja, some comedians and heroine. They also disappoint the lack of impressive levels.

The second time he started to introduce a bit of introspection. The director failed to make the character of the villain stronger. The director of Kalyan kurasala seems to have chosen the story with the belief that Routine with Raviteja's mass heroine is correct. There is no new birth anywhere in the story. Emotional Actions To See More Strength Scenes ... The director concentrated on romantic comedy scenes.

Ravi Teja made more than what he could do as 'floor ticket'. But after coming to a stage, his energy also saw the story of the story and the stories of the masses of the Maharaja. In his rehearsals, actresses appear in the shadows of past films. The heroine is impressive in terms of looks. In acting, it would be more mature. In the film, there are senior comedians like Brahmanandam, Ali, Brahmaji, Posani and the level of comedy. Prithvi and Jyothi's comedy mass connects to the audience.

Jagapathi Babu has always been in his role. The rest of the cast has done justice to their respective roles. The story of 'Ticket' is a proof that the technicians do not even work in the story. Technically, it is disappointing all the way. The songs in the film are plain. I'm just singing the song "I Love You". Everything else is gone. Even photography is not as impressive. Construction values ​​are good. Some of the scenes are paradoxical. Some dialogues are bad. Even if the mass audience is satisfied with comedy, the film does not win the film.