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Romeo Akbar Walter (2019) Full Movie Review and Downloading Link In HD

Romeo Akbar Walter (2019) Full Movie Review and Downloading Link In HD

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John Abraham, who has done political thriller films like Madras Cafe and Nuclear, has been trying to establish himself as a dependable actor for some time, and in this episode his film has been released Raw. In a period when Uri-like films are earning instantaneously and the wing commander congratulates on the return of the congratulations, there is a rivalry to register the title in the film producers, in the same era, Robbie Grewal's film salutes thousands of Anang Heroes away from the frenetic Those who contribute greatly to the security of the country but often have to spend their lives in oblivion.

What is the story of Romeo Akbar Walter (2019) ?

Rehmat Ali means Romeo is a banker and occasionally performs on stage as well as amateur. Due to his ability to change his appearance, RAW gets an eye on him and RAW hires him as a detective. RAW Chief Shrikant Rai i.e. his under-training under Jackie Shroff begins. The identity of Rahmat has changed and he returns to Pakistan as Akbar Malik. There Akbar becomes a Top Arms dealer and India is sending important information from Pakistan. In 1971, Akbar sends information about preparations for Pakistan's war, but in Pakistan, ISI officer Khudabksh Khan (Sikandar Kher) suspects Akbar and his wreck breaks. After that, India's RAW team brings back their detectives and what is the nature of transformers as Akbar's Walter, you have to face the theater to see it.

Acting of movie Romeo Akbar Walter (2019)

There is a conflict situation between John Abraham and his critics. Critics believe that they are a limited actor and act with very few expressions. John believes that he cannot do over act and therefore his acting is rationalistic, stagnant and subtle. This situation is seen in this movie. John tries to handle the film on his shoulders in his separate gateways, in most of the scenes he appears to be acting in his eyes. While portraying by Pakistani authorities, John's pain seems to be painful, but in most part of the film as a detective, he cannot provide thrills and tensions to the audience, which is why the film is not standing in front of the rest of the thrillers. Finds it. It can be said to be an example of a weak writing. Moini Roy has not got special interest in the film, and Jackie Shroff's style and style is as good as Raw Chief, and Jackie once again proves that there is no sign of her screen presentation in this age but the most surprising Put in: Alexander Kher Anupam Kher's son Sikandar has been able to capture Pakistan's local dialect as an ISI officer. The speed of the movie is seen only after coming to the screen. Seeing Alexander in such a character is a pleasant experience. Seeing them, you really wanted to hate them. In addition, Vitenz Raghubir Yadav is influenced by his small but important role.

Screenplay in Movie Romeo Akbar Walter (2019)

According to the screenwriter Sid Field, if you are successful in making the last part of the film better, then the initial drawbacks of the film can sometimes be hidden. There is something similar with the movie Raw. The weakest side of the film's story is its slowest first half, and sometimes it seems that there was no need for a few scenes but during the second half, the relevance of these scenes is understood. John did not judge with all his characters due to the poor writing of the film. However, in the second half the film seems to catch up, and some scenes of the movie have become very effective. Good work has been done on detailing, in the 70-minute film; the news of the victory of Badminton Tournament of Prakash Padukone on the radio is received. The rich line between patriotism and superstition, director Robbie Grewal takes special care of him, and the film is never in the realm of chess thumping nationalism, similarly the content of Spy Thriller Film Raji is also very much about Indo-Pak relations. Was sensitive.

See why movie Romeo Akbar Walter (2019)

After watching this movie, you will be forced to think about the lives of the people of the country whose work is less dangerous than any soldier, but they do not get any identity or respect. There are also some who ignore the life of their country in oblivion. If John is a fan of Abraham and you are interested in detective Thrillers then you can go to see this film provided you do not have a neutral attitude about slow films.

Know about certain things related to the movie...
Film release date: April 5
Star cast of movie: John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouny Roy
Film director: Robby Grewal
Film producer : Vanessa Walia, Ajay Kapoor, Gary Grewal, Vivek Bhatnagar, Dheeraj Wadhavan
Music director: Ankit Tiwari, Sabbir Ahmed, Amar Mohile, Sohail Sen, Hanif Shaikh, Raj Ashu
Film duration : 1 hour 39 minutes 

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